The Nightlight!

Gleaming and Glistening!! It saw my face..

It lit up the night.. there was some solace.

It had seen me try; it had seen me hide..

It had helped me sigh.. helped me abide..

It had seen me stuck, seen me bridle..

It had helped me through some life riddles..

To take a chance or to make a pass..

Or as easy as choosing between Rock and Jazz..

It flickered with me ,when my times were rough..

Sturdy and connected , we both were tough!!

It warmed me up, in those cold winters..

Times of new beginnings, break ups and distrust..

How it was , my light in the dark..

Waching over me, with its aura and spark..

My anchor in the sea, when the tides were high!

My Nighlight!! I owe this to you, for the bittersweet years gone by!!


Travel Bug Bit me :)

After a wait for quite long time.. it was time again to pack bags and go on a vacation..

This time it was Nainital and places nearby.  Took an early morning flight to Delhi from Indore.  Reached Delhi. Scorching hot winds..humidity.. all that we expected.. Went to the friends place and the fun began!!!

Spent a long afternoon and got ready to meet a darling friend after 9 long years.. completely detoxifying those few hours were.

Evening was packed with more fun at the cyber hub which is supposedly one of the hep places in NCR!!  Wore a dress i longed to wear since an year.. { it just stuck on the tummy but the black hid it all 😉 }…

Couldnt sleep fr night long.. helped friends pack their stuff and dreamt about the good times.

Caught early morning shatabdi to kathgodam from New Delhi!  This was my first ever shatabdi ride!!!   Eat , sleep , eat  repeat was all i did for those 6  hours.

Reached kathgodam.. and was set fr a ride to Hills.

Day 1:
Reached the resort and had a sleep for good couple of hours And set out to explore the place.. went to the lake called naukuchiyatal right by our resort.. sat lavishly and enjoyed the scenes while guys with us huffed and puffed while paddling us 😀 .. So the day one ended with a heavy dinner and lot of chat with friends..


Day 2 :
Second day was set to watch Nainital and places around.. we went to Himalaya point , suicide point and eco caves ..had a hell lot of fun.. ate food at the famous Gianis restaurant on mall road.. the best food i have had till date.. Dal makhni is my personal recommendation there!  Shopped till we dropped later and started off from Nainital around 6 pm and reached the resort safely by 8pm.. the rest of the evening we spent watching bahubali 😉

Day 3:
This day started with paying a visit to Baba Neeb Karauli Ashram in Kaichi gram .. followed by a jam on ghats for 3 hours and then we reached to another famous Golu Dev temple. The Dev is supposed to be the God of justice And hence people write up notes and ask for justice here.



After this we went for a paragliding adventure which sadly due to many health concerns i could not do. Later we went to Sattal, another lake doen in deep forest .. had food there.. shopped again and got bak to resort.

Day 4:
Vacation comes to end here.. checked out and still was time for the train back to delhi.. utilized this time by kayaking And water Zorbing and got back to Delhi by night.. took an early morning flight back to Indore and now am sitting quietly , pondering and smiling and writing this,  and yes i wrote a note too for my next vacation to the famous Golu Dev ji!

Happy Reading 🙂